Fake Ending


1. dishonorable discharge
2. wieczność
3. the guttersaint
4. whampire
5. dead fucking etards
6. they're killing the babies
7. why did you oomsh me mommy?
8. if you hear this you will die
9. keine reue
10. wisława szymborska's "cat in an empty apartment"
11. ill-tempered clavier
12. dr sbaitso reads sonic rape fanfiction
13. cracks in your bleeding shell (listen loud to help ease panic attacks)

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written and recorded in 48 hours between 2007.10.25 and 2007.10.27

all songs by suzy baker (preteenpornstar.com)

dishonorable discharge is sincerely dedicated to the industrial and powernoise scenes.

suzy thanks: miriku and devin.

this is a free CD. distribute freely as long as proper credit is given

    Cat In An Empty Apartment
    Die? One does not do that to a cat.
    Because what's a cat to do
    in an empty apartment?
    Climb the walls.
    Caress against the furniture.
    It seems that nothing has changed here,
    but yet things are different.
    Nothing appears to have been relocated,
    yet everything has been shuffled about.
    The lamp no longer burns in the evenings.

    Footsteps can be heard on the stairway,
    but they're not the ones.
    The hand which puts the fish on the platter
    is not the same one which used to do it.

    Something here does not begin
    at its usual time.
    Something does not happen quite
    as it should
    Here someone was and was,
    then suddenly disappeared
    and now is stubbornly absent. All the closets were peered into.
    The shelves were walked through.
    The rug was lifted and examined.
    Even the rule about not scattering
    papers was violated.

    What more is to be done?
    Sleep and wait.

    Let him return,
    at least make a token appearance.
    Then he'll learn
    that one shouldn't treat a cat like this.
    He will be approached
    as though unwillingly,
    on very offended paws.
    With no spontaneous leaps or squeals at first.

"cat in an empty apartment" reproduced without permission.

everything else produced without permission. all sampling, recording, reading, imitation, design, art, and audio was done without permission.

software used is logic and vanguard. use it to write music that is similar to ours and then send it to us. we like music that sounds like this.

you are being lied to. keep circulating the ファイル.