Help create a better America

America is never stronger than when challenged to its core, when faced with a threat to its very existence. Against the shadowy projections that were the Nazis, the Orientals, the Communists, the Blacks, the Gays, and the Muslims, we came together and stood resolute. When united against a common foe our differences shrink away and a clear vision forms, a path to greatness built on supports of paranoia and panicked frenzy. Fear is the bond that holds us together. Our fear of Russians powered us to the moon, our fear of dying led to great breakthroughs in all fields of medicine, and our fear of terror brought the light of democracy to the entire world. America is greatest when it is afraid, and to be afraid, it needs a villain.


Preteen Pornstar is a group of proud Americans who want nothing more than to see America reach its full potential. Together we can do it. We will whisper from the shadows, we will conspire against you, we will strive to corrupt your children, bring down your churches, and still your economy. As our threat grows in your minds, you will forget your disputes and digressions, and you will be able to bring forth that which is the best in all of us. But we cannot provide this to you by ourselves, we need your help.

Please take this moment. Stand with Preteen Pornstar and the Scared New World Foundation, and embrace a better America. A shining future where fear unites us all. Donate now.